फारम प्रिन्ट गर्ने तरिका

विवरण भरेपछि प्रिन्ट गर्दा ध्यान दिनुपर्ने कुरा’
प्रिन्ट गर्दा paper size A4 हुनुपर्छ।
page scaling मा “none” option हानेर मात्र प्रिन्ट गर्नुपर्छ।

When the form is filled out, click File – Print
You should see the print window.
Click on the Properties button.
This will bring up the printer properties window. Then click on the Paper tab.
This window can vary from printer to printer but it will mention Paper.
From the paper size, (this can have different labels for different printers) select A4. Then Click OK
On Page Scaling, select None

Then click OK to print.