Message from the Embassy

June 01, 2017

Nepal and Japan have been enjoying excellent relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1956. The people to people contact goes back to 1899 when a Japanese monk, Ekai Kawaguchi, visited Nepal to pursue Buddhism. Kawaguchi visited Nepal three times. Similarly, Nepal sent eight students to Japan in 1902 for higher studies. Since then, thousands of Nepalese and Japanese have visited each other`s country promoting and enriching closer bonds of ties. The Embassy of Nepal in Tokyo has been engaged in further strengthening bilateral relations ever since its establishment in 1965.

Nepal is a land of scenic beauty and archaeological wonders. It has magnificent peaks including the world`s tallest mountain, Mount Sagarmatha (Everest). Japanese friends have particular fascination for mountains and our unique landscape. They visit our country as mountaineers, trekkers and explorers. So many ace climbers including Naomi Uemura, Yuichiro Miura, Junko Tabei, Tamae Watanabe and Hirotaka Takeuchi have created records.

Nepal also has monuments of international importance like Lumbini, sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha, and many other places including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.The friendly people of Japan are particularly interested to visit Lumbini. The teachings of Lord Buddha reached Japan in the sixth century when His Majesty Shomu, 45th Emperor, became a Buddhist monk. The master plan of Lumbini was prepared by world-renowned Japanese architect, Prof. Kenzo Tange. The Government of Nepal is keen to develop Lumbini as an international peace city and pilgrimage center for all Buddhists all over the world.

Nepal-Japan relations have been marked by mutual respect, co-operation and understanding of each other. As an important development partner of Nepal, the thrust of Japanese co-operation has been alleviation of poverty, establishment of infrastructures and democratization of Nepalese society. Both countries adhere to the principles of UN Charter with shared respect and commitment to democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Embassy has tried to give some glimpses of Nepal-Japan relations along with a list of services to be provided by the Embassy to Nepalese and friends of Nepal. For any other information and assistance, the Embassy can always be contacted. The Embassy urges all Nepalese nationals staying in Japan to register themselves that can be useful in times of need. The co-operation of all Nepalese organizations including the Non-Resident Nepalese Association Japan Chapter that have constituted a larger network, is vital for promoting people to people co-operation. I also request the steadily growing Nepalese community to subscribe to the card as per the Non-Resident Nepalese Act, 2064 to take advantage of the legal and other protective measures and services as stipulated in the law.

Finally, on the occasion of the New Year 2017, I wish peace, progress and prosperity to all Nepalese nationals and friends and well-wishers of Nepal and seek their active co-operation for further consolidating our bilateral relations.